Divya Drishti Written Episode Update 5th October 2019 in English

Divya Drishti 5 Oct episode begins with Mahima getting stressed for Divya and Drishti being in the emergency clinic. Then, Divya and Drishti discover a great deal of armed force of Mritaks before the clinic.

They both decide to return to the house. Later, Rakshit brings Pishachini and Patali in Shergill house. Pishachini threatens to call the army of Mritaks again.

Then, Divya teaches Drishti to make Rakshit feel envious by doing a sweetheart show. Divya’s arrangement gets effective and Rakshit pursues Drishti.

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Divya disguises herself as her husband and makes Rakshit feel jealous. Rakshit offers to drop Drishti and enquires about her fake boyfriend, Rocky.

Rakshit doesn’t need Drishti to get hitched while Drishti needs him to recall the genuine relationship they share. Pishachini’s bedtime song makes everybody in the house nod off.

Later, Pishachini receives a pendant from Kaal Devta to control Rakshit. Meanwhile, Divya and Drishti try to keep the family members awake and try to deduce Pishachini’s plan.

Rakshit evacuates the Taweez given by Pishachini while Divya and Drishti can’t assault Patali. Toward the beginning of the day, Pishachini brings Patali in the lobby.

The baby starts floating in the air and later turns into a big girl.

Chetan chides Patali and she blows up at him. She controls Chetan with the assistance of a doll and damages him severely. Afterward, Pishachini traps other relatives in a tomb.

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