Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kritika reveals the entire truth to the Luthra family

Kundali Bhagya 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shrishti is searching in Mahira’s mobile and she is worried about where her mobile is, Prithvi exclaims that he has found his, she can look herself however she snatches his mobile exclaiming that until she finds her mobile he must also stay, Sameer pleads with Shristhi to leave the mobile worrying that otherwise they would be caught however Shristhi shows him the message explaining that Mahira was called to meet, they run when Mahira comes towards them, Mahira is worried about who is there when Prithvi asks if she has seen a ghost but then she hands him the mobile and they both go their separate ways, Shristhi exclaims they would surely find out the truth about Mahira and must follow her however Shristhi explains she made a mistake because she did not log out of the messaging application because of which she would find out someone logged in her mobile however they both follow Mahira.

Preeta is sitting in the cell when the constable comes explaining that her husband was worried about her when he came to the police station, Preeta says that everything that is wrong in Karan’s life is because of her, the constable asks why is she worrying as she has a big family and one of them would surely be able to free her, she is called by the constable when Preeta exclaims she feels Karan is everywhere, she remembers when one day she was cleaning the room and Karan hugged her from behind not leaving her, she was tensed however he explained she must not do the chores as there are a lot of servants however she explained she likes to do his work with her own hands, he pulling her closer revealed she is not doing the most important work which is of loving her.

Preeta however said that she has a lot of work but he was not ready to let her go saying that even though they both are married she still get nervous like before, he wishes that time remain the same but she pulling away says that it is time for work, Karan exclaims that she is getting a bit overwhelmed because he would bring her grandmother and drink the cough syrup with her, Preeta exclaims she can call her but then Karan exclaims he would also call Sophia, which irritates Preeta who starts hitting him, Preeta exclaims she would not make the same mistake twice and this time would have the time to be romantic with him, she prays that the real killer be found as only then she would be able to walk out.

Prithvi is walking, Mahira coming from behind exclaims that their mobiles might have been exchanged and he hands her his mobile, he is shocked to see that his mobile is unlocked and then vows to teach Mahira a lesson, he however thinks that he must first go to the thief market and sell the jewellery to get the money for the blackmailer.

Kritika yells at them all to say that everything that has happened is not because of Preeta but is her fault, she explains that Preeta has suffered all this because of her because she loves her a lot and did this only for her, Kritika mentions that no one trusted her and they all scolded her including Karan, she apologizes to Sarla who mentions that she knew Kritika was hiding something when she saw her with Preeta at the police station when she was not able to talk with her, she questioned Preeta who did not reveal anything so she must inform the truth.

Karan yells at Kritika saying that he was angry with Preeta but this doesnot mean he has stopped loving her because she is still his wife, Karan explains the only reason he was angry was because Preeta did not inform him of the situation and if she had done so he would have taken care of the entire situation. Karan pleads with her to reveal the truth of what had happened.

Kritika starts revealing that Preeta tried to inform her that Akshay was not the right kind of a person however she got mad but is relieved that Preeta prevented her marriage with him but he started to blackmail her the previous night of his murder, he demanded the money threatening to reveal her photos on the social media, she took all of her jewellery but Preeta saw her and she was forced to reveal the entire truth, Preeta did not leave her but instead protected her, she went to the hotel where she herself wore her clothes, even recording her voice so that Akshay doesnot get suspicious but he found out about her when she was trying to leave, he did not let her go and even tried to take advantage of her, she therefore while trying to protect herself hit Akshay with the only thing that came in her hand so the entire fault if of the daughter of the family, she apologizes to Rakhi for everything that has happened, she consoles her explaining there is nothing to worry about.

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